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World Number 2 Careers Page

Open Positions

Commercial Director

Triple Trust Realty

The Triple Trust Realty specializes in commercial properties, advertising leases, and custom business lots. As a commercial expansion visionary, you will be responsible for developing and integrating a vast network consisting of small and medium size businesses into the World Number 2 cities.

As a virtual realtor, you will leverage social media resources, interact with businesses owners, and manage all aspects of marketing to finalize purchases of existing and custom commercial lots.

The ideal candidate will have a keen ability to acquire business connections, establish relationships with company owners, have commercial sales experience, and a true understanding of how advertising works in World Number 2.

Virtual Realtor - Triple Trust Realty

Social Manager

Blue Lantern Properties

Blue Lantern Properties is looking for a social integration specialist to generate client leads to buy existing and custom residential lots in the World Number 2 cities. You will lead the way in growing the city populations of this new frontier and creating marketing campaigns so that other potential clients can be informed about these opportunities.

You must have strong interpersonal skills, be able to talk to anyone and everyone, have sales experience, and have a genuine interest in World Number 2.

Virtual Realtor - Blue Lantern Properties

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