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World Number 2 Creators Corner

Maps of Cities

Build a map for a city

Maps are the building blocks of World Number 2. Now you have a chance to create your own! We will choose the best ones and integrate them into the region. The stock image can be found below and is 4000 X 1500 pixels. It uses the default color of all the other background cities. There are a few guidelines to consider when creating a new city:

1. Make sure to observe all neighboring city connections, such as highways, roads, tunnels, to make sure that they match
2. All existing cities cannot be overwritten, but cities that are marked as "[Coming soon]" on the projects page, are fair game
3. Try to keep uniform sizes and similar colors (parks, roads, etc.) of the lots as the other cities
4. Make sure to mark which provide a name for your city written on the map
5. There must always be at least 3 or 4 residential lots
6. Be creative!

After you have completed your design, send it back to creator[@] Please provide your name, city, state/country, any other information you wish to relay. If applicable, provide your virtual World Number 2 address.

Save the image below.

Build a map for a city

Residential Icons

Residential lot customization

If you purchase a residential lot in any of the cities, you can customize the house icon that is displayed. Add bushes, paint bricks, add windows or anything else you can think of!

Simply download and draw on the stock items below and send it back to creator[@] along with your name, email used for purchase, and your virtual city address.

Save the image(s) below.

Residential lot customization Residential lot customization

Dynamic Commerce

Opportunities for Independent Sellers

Merchants can add to the unique environment by selling their products directly from the maps. To inquire about integration into the map in World Number 2, please email:


Dynamic Commerce for Merchants

Experts and Professionals

Provide lessons for people all over the world

If you have special skills, knowledge, or some talent, feel free to write to us! We can figure out a spot for you on the map where you can have a virtual studio, a garage, or anywhere else where you can share and teach your skills to others. Set your prices, set your times.


Experts and Professionals