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World Number 2 - Data


How World Number 2 got started

It all started with just a simple grassy area, a few streets, a couple of houses, and the first landmark, a bar. Inspiration comes from all over, as to pay tribute to the many great, platforms, minds, and ideas that have come before us and will be there after us.

How World Number 2 got started How World Number 2 got started


We build things

We want to change the world...

We build things


Our collabs and partners

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Customer Creed

Humans matter the most

People make up companies and people who are customers are the reason for the success of that company. We respect and value all our customers, all the time.

Humans Matter the Most


Reach out to us anytime

We would love to hear from you!

Email us at: hello[at]


Text us at: 832-802-0394

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Why use World Number 2?

Benefits of joining the digital world

--You can have neighbors from all over the world
--You can own a piece property in a digital city
--Great way to break the ice for communication
--Land value grows as more people buy land
--A vibrant world full of companies and people
--No spam, fake accounts, or bots

Key Facts

Extra Information about World Number 2

--Time moves a bit slower in the digital World
--You may find things less instantaneous; we want you to explore
--All people and companies are real, you will not find spam here
--World Number 2 is always alive, even when you are not here
--There is always respect for everything and everyone
--It is always daytime and sunny