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Digital exploration is our expansion

A new age is upon us. A digital age of virtual and augmented reality. Not only will this allow us to construct a different world for ourselves, but it will also help propel world’s progress and industrialization in ways you cannot imagine. From games and education to aerospace and medicine, the hardware and software capabilities will transform the way we interact, learn, create, and thrive. While we are taking the time and effort to fly further into space, we have constructed a new world right here on our very own planet. Much opportunity is right at the doorstep with this spectacular set of technologies.

Virtual reality is a simulation of a fictional or real-world environment. The environments are usually portrayed as 3D spaces and are constructed by designers, artists, and engineers for the user to explore. Inside these simulated spaces you will find 3D models, textures, media, and other renderings and data. Virtual reality aims to mimic a world not unlike our own. It does not matter if the simulation is grounded in reality or based entirely on fiction. The point of virtual reality is to serve up a visual and interactive location for any person without the need to actually travel to that location. The ultimate goal is to be able to able to traverse a space without having to deal with difficulties of travel, time, and the geographical challenges.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of examples of just some of the things you can use virtual and augmented reality for:

Attend a board room meeting from the comfort of your own home
Inspect a 3D model of a valve from all angles as an engineer
Practice your sport and improve hand eye coordination just by using a headset
Do a virtual tour of a home that you are about to purchase without stepping a foot inside
Connect with others around the globe for a massive multiplayer game
Train for work with real patients as a healthcare professional via virtual simulations

Conceptual VR hardware has been around since the mid-1930s. Despite steadily growing in popularity with companies over several decades and seeing many research and development dollars, well known commercial units and headsets were not yet well known or even produced until after the turn of the century. As personal and commercial usage increased, many technology companies jumped on board to fund, develop, research, and produce mainstream devices, hardware, and all related software and tools. The VR community is growing quickly, and many people are becoming interested in the virtual worlds all the time.

We are headed towards widespread use, countless applications, and mass commercialization of virtual reality. You will be able to supplement your sports training using just a headset. Remote work and education will be provided via a virtual classroom or office. Movies, media, and other forms of entertainment will be completely transformed right before your eyes. Augmented reality will blend two unique worlds, the real and fictional, to deliver some intense and unheard of before experiences by projecting data, statistics, and other objects right onto our daily lives. There is much more steam ahead!

Digital exploration is our expansion

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