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How you can explore using VR

Experience cyberspace in a completely different way

It has arrived! Easily accessible universes within our own. From headsets that let you explore virtual environments to complete metaverses, the future is unfolding in front of our own eyes. The age of experience is here. The ultimate goal is to go without going, to see without seeing, and to explore without exploring. This paradox will push us forward as more people are opening their eyes to this new and wonderful technology.

You want to take a quick stroll in a new vacation spot but do not quite have the time or the means. You sit back relax and let the software swiftly whisk you away to your dream destination. You can look all around you and see how it would look in real life. You notice all the buildings, the geography, and streets. They are just as they would be if you were walking in person. Best of all, you are able to arrive at your next destination in seconds!

You need a break from a working all day but do not feel like going out for entertainment. You also love music, so your headset takes you to a musical paradise. You have your instruments. Maybe you are a drummer or guitarist, or just following along with the beats, grooving to the music. Your surroundings are moving, you see music notes pass you by, and you earn points and get exercise all at the same time. No need for going out to venues, hoping it will be live and exciting, and no need to drive, park, and waste time in traffic.

A collaborative effort is underway with several companies around the world to construct some new aircraft interiors. The project is behind schedule and delivery needs to happen next week. A final meeting is slowing everything down. VR comes to the rescue. All final engineering and managers are able to display the components virtually and everyone comes to terms and signs off on the product. The delivery date just might be saved after all.

You get back home after an exhausting day at the hospital. You get a call that there needs to be an emergency meeting with the other doctors and nurses on the floor. Instead of everyone congregating in the room at the hospital, and half of them rushing back to work from home again, you all turn to virtual technology. The digital room is rendered, and everyone is present within a moment’s notice. All-important topics are discussed, care is then provided, and most importantly, time is saved because the meeting happened right away, rather than an hour from now.

This is where we are now, but we are heading somewhere much deeper. Imagine complete cities with all economic and social aspects completely online. You will be able to explore, interact, work, be entertained, and essentially live without ever leaving the comfort of your home if you so wish. This is a complete game changer. Are you ready for the future?


Experience cyberspace in a completely different way