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World Number 2 - Residency

Number of Eligible Residents: 18

Why get a residency?

As the world moves closer to complete digitalization, alternate and virtual realities, and IoT, you can have a piece of mind knowing that you have secured a special spot for yourself in the technological landscape. By applying for residency, you will be assigned a unique World Number 2 ID [First applicant starts with 1, afterwards count continues sequentially]. This will ensure that your ID is unique, belongs to you, and is assigned for life.


Please meet the following criteria to be eligible for residency:

1. Own at least one residential property in any of the World Number 2 cities.

Optional [For Verification Symbol]:

2. Provide a Name (real of fictional), at least one social media link, and a description listed in your residential property information.

3. Provide at least one media contribution (video, image, or link) to any of the landmarks accepting submissions.

Residency Process

After you have secured your residency, you will receive the following items:

1. Unique World Number 2 Identifier Number
2. A special T-Shirt that features your unique number [Size selection available at checkout]

To obtain a residency, please follow the purchase link below

*Please note that if you purchase the residency without owning property, we will reserve your spot and unique number until you acquire property

Apply for Residency


Purchase Residency