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15 Dupont Road  -  Centrama   (Model Offices for sale in Triple Trust Tower)

Basic Information

This modern metal and glass office building is just what you need for your business. With a lavish lobby and two spacious upper floors, this gives you plenty of space for just about anything.

Basic Information
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Office Features

-3 story building with prebuilt lobby
-Steel construction w/ multi surface exterior
-Green metal finish for floors 2 and 3
-Corner lounge area -UV tinted glass on all upper floors
-Glass lobby doors w/ vertical lift
-2 way elevator system
-Recessed entrance with dual doors
-Welcome office located in lobby


-Modern Front Desk
-Steel wall fins in lobby
-Side Table
-Plants (2x)
-"Triple Trust Tower" Stencil
-Desks (2x)
-Computers (2x)

Included in Package

1. Complete Model Office with designer interior
2. Centrama Commercial property at 15 Dupont Road
3. Optional personalization inside office [logo, images, links]

Price - $499.00


Meet the Realtors

Triple Trust Realty is the premier commercial realty company in World Number 2.
TTT specializes in standard and custom commercial building types.
Once you purchase this office, we will contact you with company personalization information and multi-floor access.

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