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9 Joy Avenue  -  Myredia   (Model Offices for sale in Tech Park)

Basic Information

This is the ultimate simple solution to a complex problem. Your new small business, shop, or online retail will find the perfect virtual home in this starter sized office.

Basic Information
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Office Features

-Single Story open layout with office divide
-Concrete resin floors
-Industrial-style jet black finished ceiling
-Complete HVAC system (Ducts, piping, Units)
-Rear concrete patio slab
-Front exterior sealed glass product display
-Courtesy HVAC side fencing


-Imbedded Wood counter
-Imbedded Wood office desk
-Imbedded Wood hanging quad-shelf
-Imbedded Wood standing quad-shelf
-Imbedded Wood table

Included in Package

1. Complete Model Office with designer interior
2. Myredia Commercial property at 9 Joy Avenue
3. Optional personalization inside office [logo, images, links]

Special Price - $149.00


Meet the Realtors

Triple Trust Realty is the premier commercial realty company in World Number 2.
TTR specializes in standard and custom commercial building types.
Once you purchase this office, we will contact you with company personalization information and multi-floor access.

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You can commission a new build or upgrade your existing lot.
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