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13 Cryo Blvd  -  Primisa   (Model Home for Sale)

Basic Information

This beautiful one story brick house can be found on the Western edge of Primisa. The custom build is located in the very first city of World Number 2. This is where it all started. Now is your chance to own a piece of virtual property right in the very same spot. Explore it today!

Basic Information
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House Features

-Open floor studio layout
-Red brick exterior
-Red brick interior
-Front concrete sidewalk
-Backyard with wooden fence
-Kitchen with granite counters
-Kitchen shelving divider
-White crown molding


-Red couch
-Panel TV on wall
-Book shelf
-Glass dining table (2 stools)
-Glass infused coffee table

Included in Package

1. Complete Model Home with designer interior
2. Primisa residential property at 13 Cryo Blvd
3. Optional personalization inside home [name, images, links]

Price - $199.00


Meet the Builders

Malaga Homes is the premier residential construction company in World Number 2.
MH specializes in custom builds that can be found all over the Woodlands region.
Once you purchase this house, we will contact you with personalization information.

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