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1 Blissfull Mountain Pass  -  Sorbet Forest   (Model Cabin for Sale)

Basic Information

This wooden and cozy cabin can be found deep in the Blissfull Mountain Range in the city of Sorbet Forest. It is the hand-built, sustainable, and comfortable lifestyle that is perfect for anyone looking to really become at one with nature.

Basic Information
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Cabin Features

-Stone foundation
-Genuine wood lumber construction
-Hand cut wooden floorboards
-Reinforced all-wooden roof
-All-purpose and weather-proof design
-Front porch area


-Custom wooden window with glass
-Hand built oversized heavy front door
-Metal wood-burning stove w/ full vertical exhaust
-Book shelf

Included in Package

1. Complete Model Cabin with designer interior
2. Sorbet Forest residential property at 1 Blissfull Mountain Pass
3. Optional personalization inside home [name, images, links]

Price - $99.00


Meet the Builders

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