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1 United Overlook  -  Primisa   (Modern Model Home for Sale)

Basic Information

This rare and futuristic find is located in the city of Malaga. Design of this property was a remarkable feat. Own a piece of modern ingenuity in the virtual world!

Basic Information
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House Features

-Ultra futuristic house design
-Concrete shell
-Red concrete exterior siding
-Modular room layout
-Compacted 3-story vertical bedrooms
-New-age kitchen
-Curved oversized windows
-Recessed sliding front door


-Multi-floor ladders
-Kitchen stools (3)
-Second Floor Railing
-Third Floor Railing
-Engineered vent system
-Modern couch

Included in Package

1. Complete Model Home with designer interior
2. Primisa residential property at 1 United Overlook
3. Optional personalization inside home [name, images, links]

Price - $199.00


Meet the Builders

Malaga Homes is the premier residential construction company in World Number 2.
MH specializes in custom builds that can be found all over the Woodlands region.
Once you purchase this house, we will contact you with personalization information.

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