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7 Divert Street  -  San Diversado   (Model Home for Sale)

Basic Information

This compact yet spacious beauty can be found in the city of San Diversado. This model townhome is in the heart of the entertainment district. Stand out from the other one or two story homes with this custom build.

Basic Information
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House Features

-3 story open vertical layout
-Red brick and layered wood exterior
-Red brick and layered wood interior
-2nd story front porch with cast iron rail
-3rd story back porch with cast iron rail
-All modern aesthetics and angles
-Full height max exposure windows
-Ultra modern stainless steel kitchen
-Max exposure full height doors
-Ultra modern cast iron fence
-Cast iron 2nd and 3rd story rail guards


-Living room set
-Dining room Set
-Entertainment room set

Included in Package

1. Complete Model Home with designer interior
2. San Diversado residential property at 7 Divert Street
3. Optional personalization inside home [name, images, links]

Price - $399.00


Meet the Builders

Malaga Homes is the premier residential construction company in World Number 2.
MH specializes in custom builds that can be found all over the Woodlands region.
Once you purchase this house, we will contact you with personalization information.

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