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Container 1 Encampment 3  -  Earthia   (Model Container for Sale)

Basic Information

This unique custom container home can be found at the nomad grounds in the city of Earthia. Designed as the ultimate space saver and net-zero carbon emitter. Includes all the amenities of a modern home packaged into a a shipping container. The ultimate getaway, there is nothing like it!

Basic Information
Enter Container Model Home

Container Home Features

-Converted and cut container home
-Wooden container base
-Front and left wooden porches
-Designer wooden interior build
-Illumia Glass windows
-Right main Illumia Glass sliding door
-Front privacy door (Optional)
-Interior exposed water piping
-Interior study shelves and desk
-Kitchen with low cabinets and metal counter
-Middle divider with vertical shelving
-Above bed shelving

Landscape [Survivor exterior]

-Multiple rock beds
-Solar panel with sun tracking feature
-Potable water collection tank with piping


-Kitchen table
-Kitchen stool
-Study chair

Included in Package

1. Complete container model home with designer interior and survival exterior
2. Earthia Container 1 residential property at Encampment 3
3. Optional personalization inside home [name, images, links]

Price - $149.00


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