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A Complete guide to World Number 2

Virtual Reality

VR is not only here to stay, but it is also here to evolve. In the not-too-distant future, the internet will resemble more of a dynamic map with a myriad of 3D and virtual experiences. This blend will allow for greater exploration, while providing rich and powerful content to be packed into smaller unique environments. This ideal mixture will push users to use locomotion and the audio, video, and text that have come to be expected.

If you look around World Number 2, you will find several locations that you can enter and explore virtually. A majority 2D to 3D balance has been established. This allows for simplified and greater exploration of companies and residents, while maintaining a safe distance from overexposure. Users can also contribute by building VR environments for various landmarks found on the maps, or even custom interiors for their residential lots. This will ensure a steady growth of unique spaces, instead of and overgrowth of endless invariable building interiors. Find the Virtual Martial Arts Studio

- The Architect

Virtual Reality

Our World, Our Environment, Our home

We do not exactly have unlimited copies of the World to use, we only get one. We must take care of it, just like your own place of dwelling, it would be wise to strike a balance between industry and nature. Nature provides everything for us, so we should try to live in harmony. As our modern world develops, our constant need for more energy also evolves. Ideally these energy sources should be environmentally friendly. Why not utilize resources that have been a constant and are always readily available? As we progress into development of sustainable power, we will find that unique balance with nature.

In World Number 2, you will find that there are only clean and renewable energy sources. The important thing to note though, is that all of them work in conjunction with each other. There is no reliance on only one, and because of this it provides the most uninterrupted flow of energy. Even though solar energy can be stored, long periods without constant sunshine are not always ideal. During hot and sunny days, you will have plenty of solar output, but wind conditions might not be the best. Of course, during the colder times, when both solar and wind are not operating at their peak, nuclear and hydro power will always serve to pick up the slack. This provides a nice and clean balance of energy sources and no over dependence on only one type.

Check out our 2021 Energy Initiative

- The Architect

Our World, Our Environment, Our home

Cities by themes

The current architecture of World Number 2 consists of smaller individual cities connected via various transportations methods. For instance, 36 initial cities make up the first region of the Woodlands. The unique aspect though, is the fact that each of these small cities have an individual theme. You will find towns built around food, startups, VR, pets, farming, hobbies, and environmentalism. There is something for everyone here.

People can essentially buy residential property or companies can lease commercial lots based on their favorite themes yet be connected in the region by the neighboring cities. This brings a unique experience because people can bond and live next to each other based on interests and community, while companies can move into certain cities based on their industry or the product that they produce. This opens doors to a new environment and dynamic.

Check out the projects page in the link below. This first region of the woodlands has 30 unique themes, corresponding with the 30 unique cities. This makes for a very interesting metropolis in the new virtual internet world.

Explore current World Number 2 Projects

- The Architect

Cities by themes

Let's build vertically

Let us face it, land is limited. Not only is that a fact, but it is also true that not all land, that is physically there, is available for our usage. At least not the way we want to. There is plenty of nature to occupy so much of that space. We do not want to use that because we only get one environment here on earth. Tunnels and underground facilities have been built for centuries. Not unlike the real-world counterpart, we are working towards a similar concept, albeit more expanded.

In World Number 2, we started to utilize the sub surface of one of our cities. Centrama, which is the central business district, has several sub surface tunnels designated as the cornerstone for businesses and residents to live underground. These initial tunnels can serve as the main arteries for connecting businesses to residential areas. Transportation systems can be linked from the surface, and underground ones will naturally blend into the city.

The goal is to eventually be able to mimic a similar layout that is found above ground.

Visit Centrama Underground

- The Architect

Centrama Underground

A different way to view our world, online.

If you are driving or walking around or even surfing online maps, you will notice that amidst of all the useful and interesting scenery, there is quite a bit of idle content. Maybe you will find an old shack that has been abandoned, or maybe there is an empty and closed off parking lot that nobody has visited in years. The internet has a similar theme. There are so many websites, yet most of them are not active. Imagine how many links there are that essentially lead to nowhere. This does not seem like fun at all.

Because we create a custom environment, we add all companies and people individually and make sure they are all real. In World Number 2, we try to utilize all space efficiently by putting something useful, whether it be a house, a shop, a VR location, or a company. As World Number 2 expands, we strive to maintain a lively ambiance, by making sure that every item on the map leads somewhere.

Imagine all your favorite places that you like to visit in real life are on the same street. This would be interesting. Now imagine open real estate next door to that area where you can move in along with your friends. That is even better. How about meeting new people from all around the world who end up as your digital neighbors. That is where we are heading now. Stay tuned as we discuss more about World Number 2.

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