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A Complete guide to World Number 2

A new internet city is here

This guide will help you become familiar with World Number 2, the first internet city. Some of the most important aspects and details will be covered here. It is important to note that if something is not listed here, or there is something you do not fully understand, feel free to reach out to use and we will work on creating some information about it. We would love to explain any parts that have been missed or ignored, and of course we always would love to hear from you.

World Number 2 is not your typical social network, nor is it like any regular map. It really cannot be easily labeled by a specific category. It is a combination of several themes, including social networks and maps. It is a graphical display of what a search engine could theoretically serve up. It also is a map in the most traditional sense. At the same time, people can buy digital real estates and companies can purchase land to keep a spot on the map. This also relates to the real estate industry. Of course we cannot forget that virtual reality is a major part of this whole world. That is quite a few concepts. Add all those items together, and you get an uncommon concoction. This is what makes it a bit difficult to plop World Number 2 into just one category.

Also interesting to note is that exploration is probably the central idea behind this entire creation. The goal is not always to quickly find what you are looking for, but to help you expand your mind and get your creativity flowing. Exploration is one of the keys to all of this. We want you to navigate the digital world, not just take the most direct route. Exploration is what makes life interesting. Sometimes when you stumble upon something that you were not exactly looking for, that just might change the course of your thinking, and could potentially change the course of your entire life.

There are several important pillars to World Number 2. The first part is of course the cities. They are divided into various themes. The buildings and landmarks are created around that theme. There are 30 cities in the first fictional region of the Woodlands. The cities are not large, but they usually have all the typical amenities that a medium sized town would. Cities grow over time, as more streets, areas, companies, and residents are added. Each city is divided into distinct neighborhoods. If you look around the website, you can find some extra information about them. Geography various per city, but there is continuity to all of it.

The next major pillar is the residential lot. These are the most common items to be found on the maps and they can be purchased. Prices vary, and are based on the location, city, and house type. You never know who you will "live" next to in the digital cities. You can potentially make friends with someone next door, even though they are on the other side of the globe. When you buy a house, you can choose to add some basic information. Maybe if you put a social link there also, someone might contact you indirectly. That is probably what adds to the fun. Because you cannot instantly get in touch with your neighbor, just like in real life, you must work up to it. It helps control spam and adds an interesting dynamic to this online experience.

This brings us to the next part of World Number 2, the business aspect. There are many real companies that reside here. You can always visit their lovely websites from the maps. You can move in next to them if there is a spot open or for sale. Maybe a company will want to occupy some space next to you. You never know. The more companies join the digital world, the more we start to see trends form and the more diversity is added to the maps. Surely some interesting statistics can be derived from all of this.

An interesting fact: all companies and people on the maps are real. They are not spam and have been checked and verified. We make sure that there are no fake entities. That is what makes this whole experience more exciting. You also do not have to worry about potentially interacting or visiting a link that is a trap or trying to talk to someone that is a bot. The internet is full of that already.

Before you go, we want to wish you the best of luck in your adventures and exploration. May you not find exactly what you are looking for but fall into something that you might not have been wondering about at all. Life is but a journey and a destination itself. Enjoy yourself, and always remember to look beyond the pale.

Thank you for reading this introduction. We hope that you get some useful information out of this guide on World Number 2, and we hope that you will make this place your new permanent home. Please read on to check out all the other wonderful topics and insights.

- The Architect

A new internet city is here

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