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Become familiar with the virtual world

What is World Number 2?

Here are some fast facts

Virtual world with emphasis on exploration
Transportation is an important component
Innovation and environment are major themes

Where is World Number 2?

Only exists in cyber space

This virtual world exists only on the internet
There is nothing to download or install
Can be linked from your website, just like social media

Why does World Number 2 exist?

On the road to transhumanism

Serves as an extension to your online presence
Establishes ownership of virtual properties
Provide a place for everyone to live in harmony

When was World Number 2 created?

Rising from turbulent times

The initial launch was in 2020
The idea is to move forward, infinitely
A time to embrace change and peace

Who develops World Number 2?

A team of the highly motivated

Designed by people who care about our physical globe
Forward-thinking ideas are embedded into all creations
A dedication to quality, value, and service