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An open mind is a free one

Since the dawn of man, the power of thought has been our greatest asset. This is what has set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Humans can use thought and logic to arrive at conclusions that other animals cannot. We then use this to reason, provide education for others, communicate with each other, solve all kinds of problems, and of course push society forward. To take this a step further, we wrap all of this up in one neat package, and we call it philosophy. From this, we can explore the depths of knowledge, existence, and reality.

It is always good to think through a situation before acting. This allows you to see all outcomes, weigh the pros and cons, and sometimes even put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see how the decision will affect that person or persons. The ability to reason allows us to create, to think, to inspire. As opposed to impulsive reactions, reasoning through a situation usually yields a brighter outcome.

Philosophy plays a vital role in education. Communication skills are vastly improved by philosophical reasoning. This is true for many different mediums. It helps us develop a set of skills for self-expression, and the ability to interpret and convey complex thought. Philosophical studies also increase the ability to analyze and solve problems. This is paramouint to our existence, because since the beginning of time, humanity has been creating solutions for survival.

Eventually, all roads lead to a kinder and gentler society. When we can reason through complex situations and think more deeply, we lay the foundation for a modern, safe, clean, and complex existence. We are then also able to help other people grow around us so that they can contribute to the same cause. This allows us to understand one another and rise as a true community.

The power of thought will allow us to grow and evolve indefinitely. Philosophy is the avenue towards greater knowledge, kindness, education, communication, problem solving, acceptance, and ultimately a more advanced society with each new generation. We will move past surviving, and venture into the realm of thriving.

An open mind is a free one

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