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Sorbet Martial Arts - Notes about Techniques and Styles

Martial arts are a way of life

The history of martial arts is complex. Its origins are hard to draw out because of the lack of true historical evidence. One thing is for certain though, it is one of the oldest systems that humans have ever created, used, and kept. Many argue that some of it may have been learned, forgotten, and relearned or even recreated over the many thousands of years. There are many arts, unique styles, origins, techniques, and applications. Millions of people around the world actively practice martial arts.

Martial arts are systems, sports, or skills. These entities have rich histories, many organized styles, and specialized techniques and forms. Countries and cultures have cultivated their own traditions over many thousands of years. Martial arts harness the power, agility, and movement of the human body for practical self defense applications. There are also many other reasons why people practice martial arts. Physical and mental fitness, discipline, and spiritual development are just naming a few.

Martial arts are usually learned in structured classes in places called dojos or clubs. Class sizes range from small to large and many are geared towards training for competitions. Each dojo or studio is different and has its own unique learning environment. These dojos can be found all over the world taught by many different people. A rich and vibrant martial arts community can be found in most places on the globe.

Martial arts greatly help you with physical fitness. Muscular strength, coordination, balance, and agility are just a few of the many benefits. Many martial arts are sports, and some are even in the Olympics. There are many competitors and finely tuned athletes that train to participate every four years. The respect for other people, animals, and nature is one the fundamental teaching of martial arts. The goal is to be at one with all and control and comport yourself properly in all situations with respect and courage.

Of course the most important application of martial arts is self-defense. The word Martial is derived from “Mars”, the Roman god of war. Protecting yourself and your family is paramount. It is important to remember that it is never about looking for a fight. This way you can live a healthy and productive life, and at the same time have the skills and confidence to make sure that law and safety are upheld.

Many students all over the world practice martial arts. People from all walks of life can come together and show of their skills and techniques to others. It is usually a beautiful sight to see martial arts in practice. If you look around, you will usually find a dojo or studio near you. Martial arts are for everyone.

Martial arts are a way of life

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