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A nifty hand dryer plant water system

Utilize excess water from hands to hydrate restroom plants

We always hear about large creations and inventions, but small scale innovations can very much make a large splash. It seems the ones that are especially important seamlessly blend into the background, and we often take them for granted. These inventions power or help our daily lives, yet they quietly fade from our acknowledgment. One simple and green solution would be a hand dryer plant water system. The idea is more of a concept, rather than a particular product.

High quality and low energy usage air dryers are taking over while paper towels are quickly exiting the scene. There is no need to use some paper just to dry your hands and immediately throw it all away. The solution that has been around for a while and it is the hand dryer. What about taking it one small step further? Plants are now a common sight in many restrooms, and not just residential ones. In homes, plants can absorb moisture from hot running water. Now, plants in commercial and public restrooms have a chance to do the same, albeit using a different method. Each time we dry our hands, excess water falls to the floor. Now we can make sure to close the cycle and situate any plant at the correct angle and right below the hand dryer. This way the plants will be perpetually watered, the floor will remain cleaner, and less water will be wasted. Even adding a small vertical slide would be beneficial and to gurantee that most of the water droplets make their way towards the plant.

If done correctly, the hand dryer system for plants would not only be a functional piece for all restrooms, but also a great addition to the aesthetics. The air quality would also get a boost from the plant itself. Overall, one small addition can make a big difference in all restrooms across the globe.


Utilize excess water from hands to hydrate restroom plants