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Orchard Poetry Club - Collection of Poetry and Stories

A poem is the light for the mind

When we want to capture our ideas in a short and concise manner, we turn to poetry. We drop the long stories and refer to prose. They are elegant and short, yet they communicate everything that we could ever want to express to the readers. Poetry is one of the most beautiful mediums to share a few thoughts with others. This medium is also timeless because it is recorded.

Poetry may seem simple, yet the complexity lies in the subtlety. How do you express something grand using only a few short lines? How do you paint an image for everyone to see without them spending but a few minutes gazing at the words? How do you illustrate your true imagination without filling countless pages in a book? Poetry might just be what you are looking for.

So take a deep dive into a poem and try to visualize what you are reading. Find true meaning in the words and see that there is much more of a purpose in them. Think creatively, be inspired, let go of tensions, and read and write some amazing poetry for yourself and for others. Go fourth and discover a world that you may or may not have been missing.

A poem is the light for the mind

Explore Orchard Poetry Club Poems

1. A poem about not worrying about tomorrow - "A Calm Tomorrow"

2. A poem about motivation and the need to keep moving - "Forward Shadows"

3. A poem about a peaceful time in the garden - "Garden, Garden"

4. A poem about what is beyond the fence - "Grass could be green on both sides"

5. A poem about being next to the ocean - "Waves by the seaside"

6. A poem about a waterfall - "Follow the Falls"

7. A poem about a hummingbird - "The flight of a gentle creature"

8. A poem about a leaf - "All the leaves fall down"

9. A poem about a butterfly - "The winged beauty"

10. A poem about a gecko - "Just like a gecko"