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Oak Valley Farms Sustainability Center - Symbiosis with the Earth

Conserving resources and protecting our planet is vital

We only get one planet earth, so let us take care of it together. It may be difficult to understand or visualize the consequences of our actions on the environment, but when the results do appear, the impacts may be even greater than before. The earth is a beautiful place, with many forests, waters, geographical features, and a complex climate system. As humanity works to develop itself and society towards all corners of the world, the world takes notice. There has to be a balance of humanity and nature, and not just nature at the mercy of humanity. When we work together, humans can achieve a symbiosis with the planet and all living beings, while maintaining a clean, healthy, and advanced society.

There are tons of plastics floating around in our oceans. Deforestation is happening at an alarming rate. Countless species of animals have lost or are losing their homes and habitats. Finite resources are being gathered and used up quicker than they can be replaced. Ice caps are diminishing a bit quicker than at the usual rate. Hunger still exists in the world despite being able to currently meet demand. Many industrialized countries and cities still have quite a bit of unhealthy pollution.

If we do not correct our actions and think about what we are doing to our only home, earth might not be as habitable a few short years from now and may not look like the same planet that it still does at this moment. Weather events might be on the uptick. Marine life will suffer more, and many species will disappear due to all the waste that we leave in the oceans. Over time, water levels could rise and change the landscape of current ocean side cities. Over consumption of all finite resources will contribute to higher costs, conflicts, and many other issues. Without enough trees and plants on the planet, proper exchange of carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen will begin to slow down. The list is not exhaustive by any means of what could happen if we continue down this same road.

We can start by realizing that conservation might be the key for all of this. When we begin to use fewer natural resources, they can be replaced over time. When we start to utilize infinite resources for energy like the sun and wind, we can let the earth keep its deposits of oil and gas. When we recycle plastic items, we then prevent them from getting into the environment and destroying the animals and plants. When we plant more trees, we allow the planet to heal and produce more oxygen. When we look ahead instead of just into tomorrow, we begin to think of more action items.

When humanity works together to take care of our planet, we can accomplish so much. Even doing a small part as an individual will contribute to a pool for the greater good. The individual may not be able to see the impact right away, but it will make a difference, and it will be evident on a large scale over a period of time. So cut those unused lights, conserve a bit of water, plant a few more trees, and maybe use a little less gas. In time, together, we will get to a better state.

Conserving resources and protecting our planet is vital

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