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Ostin Point - Vision Valley

City Section

Welcome to Vision Valley, a unique commercial sector of town that is not unlike the well-known "Silicon Valley". With a VR factory being one of the largest entities in the entire city, this business district is where Virtual and Augmented reality companies are looking to call home.

Vision Valley
Companies that call Vision Valley home:

VR Trend Magazine
Virtuix Omni
VR Wear
Victoria VR
Scena 360
VR News Report
Meta Studio
VR with Jasmine
Clava Land
Zesty Market
Voxel Towers
Geek Metaverse
Psylo VR
Black Sun Games
World Number 2


Valton University

Ostin Point

"Novam Rem"
The Valton University is a symbol of learning and futuristic education in Ostin Point. All academics are geared towards virtual reality, hardware, and content creation:

The following colleges are open:
Jobs College of Virtual Hardware
Torvalds College of Visual Languages
Sutherland College of 3D Modelling
Bushnell College of Game Engines

Explore Valton University

Solar Row


This stretch of Solar Panels powers the entire city of Ostin Point.

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VR Texture Division


The following custom textures have are available from the VR Factory Texture Division:



SVE - Society of Virtual Engineers


The SVE is a newly established organization for all engineers, designers, and experts for hardware and software of virtual and augmented reality. To join the ranks and have your photo displayed here, please email: