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The foundations of our virtual cities

As virtual worlds, cities, and metaverses come to life, just like our real world, there is a need for infrastructure. These simulated and three dimensional arenas can grow to become powerhouses if they have a strong foundation supporting them. Just like the countless real world counterparts, a virtual city or region needs services such as: transportation, education, real estate, energy, manufacturing, entertainment.

The basic two dimensional maps serve as the basis for all cities, infrastructure, and beyond. Even though we have moved into simulated and virtual reality locations, the map is always at the forefront. Maps allow you to see everything at once and become familiar with a larger area. It also provides a top level overview of all other objects, places, and people, as well as their respective locations to one another. The 2D map is the blueprint to the 3D world.

The layer on top of this 2D layout is the set or sets of buildings. These buildings provide all city services. Whether its transportation and energy, or education and arts, these help support the virtual communities, neighborhoods, and metropolitan areas. Just like a place or business wouldn’t typically move to a location that is in the middle of nowhere, it is safe to say that the virtual world counterparts function in much the same way.

Finally, you encounter the supporting and auxiliary structures and equipment. Anything from billboards and social clubs to parks and 5G connectivity towers can be found all over the place. Just because they do not serve the exact same purpose as they would in the real world, doesn’t mean they do not have any use in the virtual world. These buildings and structures can mimic real life services by providing a virtual equivalent. Just as connectivity towers serve cell phone customers, they might be used to send emails or messages throughout the virtual world communities.

The foundations of our virtual cities

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