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Design and construction of the Azza machine shop

A highly detailed virtual industrial environment

The Azza Robotics Factory is a detailed and virtual example of an industrial environment. This robotics factory is located in Scatteridge, a city known for its engineering, technology, and manufacturing. The building is situated in the northwest corner of the Woodlands Region.

The building sits on a foundation that is 20 x 30 meters. There are seven vertical metal beams on both long sides. Seven perpendicular roof beams connect both vertical side beams together to form the main shell structure. Flat metal siding panels are attached to the vertical beams and the other two walls, while corrugated steel is used for the roof. 4 extra columns are situated in a rectangular pattern. They are not load bearing but provide space for cables and other utilities.

There are several systems and elements of realism that add to the overall atmosphere inside the robotics factory. The HVAC system is built piece by piece and includes squares and round ducts, vents, cables, and two main units. Two rotating fans can be found on both sides of the building. Black and yellow lines and bollards can be found in the respective safety zones. There are various electrical cables, panels, and even sliding doors for the loading bays.

Several pieces of equipment are set up strategically on the shop floor. A 5 Axis CNC sits right next to a CNC lathe. They feature vertically and horizontally sliding glass safety doors. Both machines are positioned next to a vertical column. This provides support for instant electrical connections. A metal conveyor belt sits on the other side and spans almost the entire length of the factory inside the working zone. There is a centrally located electric press, with plenty of room on all sides. You will also find safety charts, storage shelving, tables, and randomly placed cardboard boxes scattered about the floor.

This virtual industrial environment can be used for many applications. Equipment and machines that are shown inside are just one example of the many possibilities. A valve company can utilize the space as a showroom. A piping company can display all sizes and diameters they have to offer. A collection of pumps or motors can easily be spaced out for customers and clients. This three-dimensional setting is a great solution for any industrial, engineering, design, or even technology company to show off their products. There is even a separate and sectioned off room, with a large window, that can be used as a control center or an observational area.


A highly detailed virtual industrial environment


The Azza Robotics Factory was built in this order: concrete slab, steel beam siding and roof Structure, HVAC system, safety markings, several machines including CNC and lathe, and shelving, storage, and auxiliary equipment. This building can be used by real companies for many different virtual applications.


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