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Transportation in the Metaverse

Healthy transit systems can support growing virtual worlds

Transportation allows us to traverse the physical globe with ease. Many daily activities rely on the ability to travel long distances, short hops, and everything else in between. Many of us take it for granted, but without transportation, it would be difficult to commute to work, help a family member relocate, visit the grocery store, go to school, and pretty much impossible to end up in a different city or even country. Transport is even required to deliver goods all over the planet for consumers. Cars, trains, airplanes, buses, and boats make up the backbone of the world’s transit infrastructure.

Much like the real world, the cyber world has its own unique transportation systems. These range from hardware to software. The internet is composed of countless web pages that are linked together. Search engines provide the means to find and visit most of these sites from singular locations. This can be viewed as an example of an internet transit system of interconnected indexed pages.

As the internet evolves and moves towards the third dimension and as virtual worlds develop and expand, the need for new transit infrastructure rises yet again. Because these virtual worlds mimic our own physical world, the methods of transportation should closely resemble the real counterparts. These virtual transit systems should be able to link multiple three-dimensional locations in cyber space. Just as checking for art on a search engine yields results for museums and galleries, a virtual transit system should be able to take you to a three-dimensional museum or gallery.

It is not too difficult to imagine what all of these examples can look like. A virtual underground subway station can take you to other underground stations that lead to a myriad of virtual neighborhoods. You can visit your friends with ease! Virtual aircraft can swiftly fly you to neighboring virtual towns so you can explore further regions of a virtual world. A virtual tunnel might be able to take you to a new elevation as drones zoom by above the ground. Even a virtual space vehicle would be able to help you visit a distant virtual world further away from the first one.

As transit has always played a fundamental role in the expansion of countries and cities, virtual transit systems will be the reason behind the growth of virtual worlds. Though people may stumble upon various starting points, they will be instantly connected with many three-dimensional services, amenities, companies, and neighborhoods. Entire organized cities will be served by dedicated virtual transport.


Healthy transit systems can support growing virtual worlds


Virtual world transportation systems can be similar to their real life counterparts. Just as the metros of the real world link countries, help industrial expansion, and economic and population growth, virtual transit systems can link three-dimensional city-like environments just like 2D web pages.


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