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Myredia Blog Library Design

Unique virtual library with shelves full of blogs

Myredia was the second city built in World Number 2. The name inspiration came from Meyrin, Switzerland, home of the CERN. It was only natural to include a knowledge and learning center in the city. At first, it was designated as a technical library, but later became bookshelves of World Number 2 blogs on various topics.

Real libraries have books, guides, references, articles, and everything else in between. Because the web is full of blogs, it was logical to develop a blog and notes library. Each individual blog is placed on bookshelves in their respective sections. Here you can find the following categories: Technology [Engineering and computers], Arts [Poetry and literature], Business [Startups and ideas], Vitality [Lifestyle and progress], Environment [Nature and Sustainability], Virtual Living [Real Estate and Exploration], and Transportation [Trains and Aviation].

The most interesting aspect of the virtual blog library is the design. This building is a concrete and glass structure with an L shaped foundation. The roof portion is partially inclined and held up by two steel columns. Looking at the library from the side or the front, you will instantly notice that there is a certain uniqueness to the design. From a slight distance, the building looks like a book with the cover page open.

The exterior and interior walls are all made up of a homogenous white concrete stucco mixture. The floors are vinyl and have a very peaceful peach color. All shelves and tables are made up of wood. They are placed in various arrangements, and some are even almost as long as the entire width of the building. Signs hang down from the ceiling to designate each blog category for the readers. The front of the building mostly consists of full height glass panels.


Unique virtual library with shelves full of blogs


The virtual library in World Number 2 was built in the shape of an open book laying on its side using materials like concrete and glass. Inside the library you will find long shelves, divided into various sections and topics, full of "books" that link back to blog entries.


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