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Airports will become the backbone to our cities

Aerocities will grow into every industry in the modern city

Air travel connects our globe and makes the world seem like a smaller place. We can get to any point on the planet within mere hours if we so wish. We are usually only a city or two away from any destination. Airports are not only important transportation infrastructures, but they have also become commercial meccas, especially in recent decades. With the advent of commercial space travel knocking on the front door, airports will soon begin to integrate space travel architecture. This will be an important step towards a new era. Imagine flying to Miami from Atlanta to only to switch from a plane to a hyper vehicle for a quick shuttle to the moon colony. This may seem very sci-fi, but this is what we are heading towards.

Soon, these airports will grow and morph into aerocities. These places will no longer be simple platforms that passengers use to get from Point A to point B. These behemoths will house a variety of services: air travel, space travel, high speed rail, and many others. They will also become the main driving force behind the economic expansion of the modern metropolis. Aerocities will help facilitate urban growth, house interconnected national and international businesses, and act as the engine for the advancement of transportation services. Facilities will be expanded and remodeled and eventually airports of all sizes will remain open twenty-four seven.

Initial impressions will be considered more important. Travelers will see beauty instead of just a bus stop. People will feel welcome when they enter a new city and shape a part of their journey into and experience. Technology will be state of the art in aerocities, and automation will take over many of the day-to-day tasks. Robotics and IoT will be utilized more. We have many great things to look forward to when we are planning our future trips.


Aero Cities