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The journey is just as important as the destination

Remember to make the most of your adventure

It seems that most people might not enjoy a part of their vacation or trip. That part is the actual travel. Everyone just wants to get there as fast as possible and thinks very little of this part of the adventure. This transition phase can really set the mood. In fact, what if it is partially a determinant for how the entire vacation unfolds? That is something to consider the next time you buy your tickets. You wake up, it is usually early in the morning. Everything might seem a bit rushed unless you prepared the night before. The sun has not yet risen, and the city is slowly starting to wake up. You get your bags, and you get to the car. You make your way down a foggy road. The lights on the road lose their luster, as they are overpowered by the brightness of the rising sun. The sky is turning beautiful colors, all is clear and fresh. You are now arriving at the airport.

You hear chatter of the busy loading and unloading area. You feel the liveliness of people trying to rush to their gates. Everyone has a purpose, and everyone has a destination. The smells, the sounds, all point to excitement, even though some are not fully awake yet. You make your gate; you sit down in your seat. You put up your bag and relax in your chair. The flight attendants make their final rounds, and you begin to feel the gentle push back of the aircraft. You hear the faint hum of the flap extensions, as it overpowered by the startup of the turbofans. You begin to feel the soft vibrations as the landing gears rolls the mighty plane onto the runway. You then feel the winding whine of the engines, as the plane gains speed, and ultimately altitude. When you look down, as you see the objects on the ground become smaller and smaller, you realize that your journey began when you first opened your eyes. You are the explorer. You are on your way! Cherish the journey, as well as your destination.


Remember to make the most of your adventure