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Triple Trust Realty - Commercial and Infrastructure

The pillars of the virtual society

Three dimensional spaces are now an important component of World Number 2. There are two main parts that make up over half of these areas: infrastructure and commerce. The foundation of a digital world, much like the real world, is the infrastructure with a commercial layer right on top. These two important pillars provide a backdrop for ownership of digital property by inviting vibrant communities where people can settle and thrive.

Some examples of virtual infrastructure include museums, transportation, factories, libraries, realties, studios, energy sources, natural creations, and countless others. These can be found all over the cities, and they support commercial and residential growth. They also provide venues and amenities for people who are looking to settle down virtually.

Commercial applications are the other side of the coin. There are many companies in the world, both big and small. They drive our lives every day, and they play an important role in the virtual world. Because the cities are split into various themes, companies shine in their respective categories. People will gravitate towards companies they like, and businesses would gain loyal customers that live close by. This also gives a chance for people in the real world to visit businesses that are found all over the real globe, without stepping foot outside of their own home. Companies can also benefit by having both customers and other business entities see what their products and services are like.

The main idea behind this is the creation of a futuristic and accessible virtual grid. This would be the backbone of virtual cities and it would provide amenities, services, goods, layouts, and the entire framework. This framework would then ultimately support residential areas and private land acquisitions. The cities and streets are fictional, but the companies and people are very real. Virtual growth is the next frontier.

The pillars of the virtual society

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