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How 3D billboards are utilized in virtual cities

Design and usage of a popular advertising medium online

The Billboard is a tremendously popular mean to advertise products, services, brands, and even communicate ideas. These structures are usually placed along busy highway corridors or other high-traffic areas. The billboards are fairly tall and allow many people, in a certain radius, to see them clearly and easily. The elevation is the biggest advantage that a billboard can provide in the real world.

The virtual design is not unlike the real-life counterpart. The large metal cylinder has a radius of ½ meters and is placed directly into the ground. This primary column rises 10 meters vertically into the air and is attached to a square connector box. Two perpendicular supporting beams, the same radius as the main column, are also joined to the connector box on both sides. They are parallel to the ground and branch out in each direction to span almost the entire length of the billboard.

10 u-shaped ribs, 5 on each side, sit at the top of the supporting columns. The two billboard canvases are connected on both side of the ribs. There are also 4 walkways. Two are attached in between the canvases on top of the ribs, and the others are located at the bottom of the canvases. This ensures complete access for maintenance and creation.

This virtual billboard is an excellent way to set aside a dedicated space for an online advertisement. The billboards are placed in unique locations and can be examined in three dimensions. They also provide the cities with more realism and authenticity.

Typically, we see two-dimensional ads on websites that usually are sandwiched between text or images. These ads cater to individuals based on their browsing habits. Of course people do not like ads. They can, however, be very useful, especially in the right context, or if they are displayed ethically and appropriately. The virtual billboard proposes a hybrid solution. The advertisement, that is displayed on the billboard, can be completely relevant to the content of the city theme. Because it is a virtual reality environment, it is also tucked away and not annoying to the user. Should the person stumble upon it while exploring their city of interest, they will see exactly what they need to. Overall, an elegant option.


Design and usage of a popular advertising medium online


The virtual billboard has a metal tube design similar to the real world counterpart. This is the improved 3D internet advertising medium from the previously yet still widely used 2D page ad.


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