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Why is preparation so important?

Being prepared gives you an edge over the events of your day

Ever wake up late to go to work so you had to run around the house trying to find everything you need for the day at the very last second? Were you looking for your keys, your watch, finding the right outfit, getting your purse or suitcase, trying to figure our where your phone is, maybe grabbing a bite to eat, all at the same time? Did being unprepared not help your situation at all? Imagine if you had everything ready to go the night before and all you had to do was quickly grab all your belongings? There is a chance that you would have been only a few minutes late if any at all. That could have had the potential to change the course of your entire day.

Preparation can make a huge difference in life. In emergency situations it can save your life. In less serious or stressful scenarios, it is always easier to rely on the previous efforts to carry you forward. There are many jobs that heavily rely on preparation and training to make sure that operations are safe. Think about firefighters, airline pilots, and ambulance drivers. These hard workers train for all various scenarios and situations and are always ready for anything the day or journey has the throw at them.

Try your best to spend some extra time and prepare for your day, and you might not end up wasting extra time later. There is a good chance that this might save you a headache or two. When you prep for something, it gives you the opportunity to visualize how that event is going to go and a chance to rehearse it mentally. So when you are at that meeting, or an interview, or even a night out, things just might go that much smoother.


Being prepared gives you an edge over the events of your day