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How your environment can impact your day

Your location could determine your success

Time and place. Those magical words weave your environment into reality. Where you are and when you are there can determine your mood, influence your thoughts and ideas, change the course of your actions as well as of of those around you, and even alter your life. It is important to note that the environment is dependent on you just as much as you are dependent on it. It is a unique relationship.

Want to feel energy and excitement? Try going to a festival! Conversely, if you want a bit of fear and apprehension, try showing up at that same festival several hours into the night after closing. This is because the environment is the product of time and location working together. People often like to switch their environments to be able to get more vitality, inspiration, and more positive thoughts and ideas.

Here is a list of locations to consider for some motivation in life:

City of state park early in the morning
Busy city sidewalk during rush hour
By the seaside during a sunset on a not so busy beach
A hidden bookstore with lots of older volumes
An art museum on a Monday
Near a beautiful fountain
Outdoors on a farm or on a ranch
On a dock or pier during sunrise or sunset
Watching the mountains from a great distance
In the middle of a vineyard
In a large field full of flowers

There are many places you can visit at different times of the day to feel inspired and motivated to be at your best in life. Find the right environment and your whole day can head towards bliss and positivity. Never miss a chance to explore and never miss a chance to find your new spot that will make you happy. Keep looking!


Your location could determine your success


Your environment can make a big impact on how you feel and perform. There are many places to try to visit for peace and motivation: busy sidewalk, calm bookstore, a museum, or even a field full of flowers.


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