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There is only one of you in the world

You are unique in every which way

Just think about it, there is only one of you. As obvious as that sounds, sometimes that is what we actually need to rehash. Unless you have a twin, and even if you do, you are still one of a kind. Most importantly, no matter what someone has created, experienced, or seen in life, it still was not created, experienced, or seen by you. You always have something new to contribute to the world, in your own and unique way of course.

The sum of all of your life experiences cannot be matched to anyone else’s. You have a journey that is your own. There may be fellow travelers along the same road, but they are not in the exact same plane or identical mind frame. No matter how how you try, you most likely will not discover your clone. Your adventures, your education, your interactions and communications, your growth and learning, and achievements are attached to you. This bundle of encounters and events shapes who you are as a collective person.

Thoughts that are generated by your mind are also affected by your life experiences. Everything that you go through in life influences how you think and feel. Because of this, your voice, your vision, your understanding of the world is an independent signature that is waiting to be stamped on the everything around you. We as humans leave our creative and contributive marks on the universe.

As an example, think of a project as simple as building a chair. The first resemblance of this object dates back almost 5000 years ago. Over the many decades and centuries, people from all over the world have built, designed, and manufactured chairs. Unless it was made by the same company or person, each chair was different from one another, even if it was only in subtle ways. Enter a chair design, created by you. It is exactly because your thoughts and experiences are unique to you, that the chair will never be an exact replica of chairs before or after yours. It is a moment in time that is forever yours. If you decide not to build YOUR chair, not only will we never have a specific creation spawned from your mind, but the world will go on missing out on this one of a kind design.

Go! Create, design, write, dance, sing, build, help, and contribute to a slice of time or history, because no one else will ever be able to do it quite like you or even take your place. You are exceptionally and extraordinarily rare, and in this case, you are a singular you.


You are unique in every which way