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Nature is beauty all around us

Nature is beautiful, and it is everywhere! From deep forests and mysterious caverns to sandy beaches and vast oceans, there is more eye candy for limitless lifetimes. Everywhere you turn, you will undoubtedly encounter it, even if you live in the city. The variety is staggering, the colors are endless, and the views are breathtaking, you just have to go and see it for yourself. Venture to North Africa to encounter sprawling deserts, jet up north to Ireland for the utmost green grass you will ever find, or head down south to Chile to find jaw dropping mountain ranges. The flora and fauna around the globe will astound you.

Landscapes are vast and there is plenty of variety. Geographical features of all shapes and sizes can also be found all over this globe. You will find mountains, caverns, deserts, oceans, jungles, rain forests, ice covered lands, warm streams and lakes, and everything in between. The diversity and variety of species, textures, colors, lands are awe inspiring. There is so much to see that several human lifetimes would not be enough.

Maybe the plants and trees are the feelers and antennas of the planet itself. They potentially sense things and emit energy and signals for the rest of the beings on this planet. Trees give off oxygen so that many species can breathe it to survive. Fast growing plants provide fruits, vegetables, and hearty nutrition to many beings. They can be replenished just as quickly as they can be harvested. Caves provide protection for creatures from others, while tall trees give shade and weave together to produce a dense canopy.

Next time you are out and about in this world, be sure to pay some more attention to all the nature and beauty around you. No matter where you are, you can always find something. From the deepest forests in the amazon full of life and endless species, to the concrete cities with trees and plant life teeming in between the cracks of the asphalt, you can discover more. So plan a journey to the woods, stop by sandy deserts, walk the infinite coastlines, or wander though the natural rock formation. Nature is our source of life, and it can be found absolutely everywhere.

Nature is all of the beauty around us

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