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Venture out into the desert

What it is like to be a mirage in this hot landscape

Hot, the air is breathless and calm. Quiet, the sounds are hollow, and the echo is gone. Clouds come and go, but they do not always provide much shade. They laugh at those below, pretending to bring rain and much relief. Look around you, visibility is deceiving. You can see miles away, yet you see sameness. The underground holds the keys to life, as it all hides below in the burrows. Water you will not see, yet water just might be there. The desert is the oasis, you are the mirage.

Walk forward, you will step onto the unrelenting ground. Whether it is sand or harsh rocks, plants find a way to make a home in this environment. Cacti, grasses, and small shrubs and flowering bushes have all found success in this serene environment. Small animals have made their tunnels and caves beneath the surface of the rough and soft sands.

Walk more, you will see no one. If you do, they just might be on the same journey as you. Walk alone, be calm, as you pay respect to the summer feverish winds in the air. Look for shelter or shade, but the attempts may be futile. The desert is the challenge, yet the desert can be the saving grace. Look up, your direction is shining brighter by the minute. There is no time to waste. Every hour brings you closer to the cooling of the night sky.

Make it to the road but dare not wander again. These winding paths are nothing more than a snake in the vast sea of nothingness. This place may not have always been the way you see it now. Everything changes. The beautiful forest is now a sand wonderland. Wander further this time. Do you wish to take another try?


What it is like to be a mirage in this hot landscape