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Deep green forest mysteries

Life is teeming beneath the dense canopy

Get off the road and follow a worn path through the clearing. Escape the urbanization, and venture into a hidden world. Right beneath the canopy, wonders await. There are endless ways in and countless ways out. Immerse yourself into the deep green bunches of leaves. There is life teeming beneath it all, with layer after layer full of diversity and species. The forest is a peaceful place, yet it is busier than any city. Be not afraid of what you will encounter within.

Deer will peek through the leaves and branches and stare out at you, so long as you don’t make too much sound. The animals inside feel the vibration and expect your arrival. This is their home; this is their city. You are the guest in a vast green empire. The deeper you dig into the ground, the smaller the life will seem. There are more creatures hidden in the layers of sediment than you can imagine. The forest begins out of sight, as all growth reaches for the sunlight.

Season after season, the colors will change. Leaves fall to the ground, and leaves sprout again. Trees fall, trees regrow, sometimes they will even burn. This is nature’s way. Life continues, and life moves forward. Deep roots are hidden under the ground, what an incredible network they form. All plant life begins below, only to show the final creation, right before your eyes.

All beings and plants live harmoniously. Together as one, symbiotically existing. All is calm. Listen to the sounds of the birds, who made their homes at the tops of the trees. Hear the insects communicating all throughout this dense terrain. With a gust of wind, the trees gently sway back and forth. Rain comes, providing all that the forest needs to thrive and survive. Admire the incredible beauty, this is one the of the best our world has to offer.


Life is teeming beneath the dense canopy