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A new addition to your social identity

Add authenticity to your existing online image

Having a profile or website establishes your identity and your credibility in cyber space. People love to see other real people online. Companies also earn trust by having a reputable web page for their products and services as well as colorful social content. This is pretty much the standard in our modern and technological world.

What we can expect to see is the progression from "What is your email or website address?" to "What is your virtual residence or 3D office?". Because confidence is reinforced by image, adding a virtual spot to your array of social profiles and websites will be the ultimate touch.

Applications of 3d spaces in World Number 2

This is an overview of potential applications for three dimensional spaces in World Number 2:

-Obtain a forward thinking alternative to plain websites and profiles
-Solidify your online image with a piece or virtual land
-Have your images, links, profiles, and information attached to a 3D environment
-Own virtual office space for your company or business
-Display your products and services remotely in front of your customers

Any memories, images, creations, artwork, postcards, collections, or anything else valuable to you can be transformed into digital remembrance.

Memories and skills online