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How to get started with 3D spaces

Explore virtual options that are right for you

1. Find the ideal city and the perfect location on the maps

Explore the maps or search the city list to find exactly the place that you want to call home. Towns are built on various themes and there are many to choose from. It does not matter whether you have a robotics company, work with food, or just want to find a quiet residential area all for yourself. There is always something for everyone.

Find the ideal city

2. Decide whether you need a residential or commercial property

Are you an individual or a business? There are plenty of choices! You can find different building types for residential and commercial uses. Companies will usually gravitate towards their city of interest and people will usually find spots closer to like minded friends, companies, and city themes.

Commercial vs. Residential

3. Buy a lot with an upgradable property, or purchase a complete package

When you purchase an empty spot on the map, the property does include an empty office building or house. You have the ability to upgrade the interior to either a prebuilt set or a custom one. We also feature model homes and offices that can occasionally be found in the cities. These can be bought as a complete package. There models can also give you an idea of how a standard residential or commercial interior can look like.

Furnished vs. Unfurnished

4. Or... Ask us to create something custom just for you

Don't see anything that catches your eye? No problem, we can help! We can design and built just about any building or lot, as long as it not the size of an entire city!

Custom just for you

5. Go to the CONTACT page to talk to us about your vision