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Custom projects, textures, and realism

An overview of virtual space creation and design

Virtual spaces in World Number 2 are hand crafted. Some are special requests for companies, some are residential homes built for the individual, and many are custom creations that can be found all over the cities.

Design is based on real dimensions. You will not feel like objects and structures are bigger or smaller than they should be. Architecture is purely unique. Textures are mostly photo-realistic. Locations can be small studios or large outdoor areas. Even though we have standardized several lot types for residential, commercial, and city buildings, any special orders and ideas are always welcome.

For specific commissions, you can choose several different factors in the design phase. Lot size, building dimensions, interior and exterior textures, furniture, logos, links, and photos are all customizable per request. The level of detail that we use depends on the request. Physical and dimensional size of the project also plays a big factor in this equation.

Just like you can have a custom website built for yourself or your business, now you can also have a virtual location. We share the vision, only we take it further, to the 3rd dimension.