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The keyboard is mightier than the pen

Even though they are some of the newest inventions, the computer and internet have made one of the largest impacts on society and have transformed our modern world. If you look around, there is almost nothing you will see that does not have relation to computers or integration with the internet. Automation makes our world swift and reliable, and that is all thanks for this wonderful technology. We use computers every day, even when we do not have the slightest idea that we are doing it. The internet has made the entire globe much smaller, and is changing the way we do business, the way our society functions, how we travel and interact, and in many other endless ways. You are reading this on a computer right now!

When we think of computers, we imagine a desktop or laptop at home, or a tablet and mobile phone on the go. There are, of course, millions of these devices, but what about all the countless others? What about the basic thermostat in your house that controls the climate? How about the lane departure warning system in your car? What about your smart home alarm? How about that smart car that is driving next to you? These systems are complex, automated, and usually connected to the internet.

It would seem wise to start learning more about computers and become familiar with the web if you are not already doing so. We already have a heavy reliance on this technology, so imagine what will happen with each passing year. It is just as important to learn programming and the internet as it is to read and write. Computers are no longer a hobby for some, but a way of life for just about everyone on the planet. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, think about what computers will be able to do in the future, and not just what they are doing in the present. Technology is advancing at light speeds. The computer and the internet have leaped bounds in just a few short years. What is the new cool thing in your hand now, will be the archaic and old device in your closet tomorrow.

Forget the sword because the keyboard is mightier than the pen. Every keystroke, every mouse click, and every screen swipe determine the future of our modern existence. We program computers to do all the repetitive, dangerous, and mundane tasks, while we invest more time and energy into innovation and creation. With each new step that we automate, this will allow us to move further and faster. If you think the world is accessible now because of how sophisticated the internet has gotten, just wait until you see what we will have tomorrow. The computer and the human will eventually intelligently blend into one being, someday.

The keyboard is mightier than the pen

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