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Why is the internet so integral to our daily lives?

Learning to Program is just as important as reading and writing

Reading and writing are essential tools for proper communication. As times change though, so does the way we express ourselves. Pen and paper are quickly becoming obsolete as the primary way to communicate. This is not to say writing and reading are not essential. On the contrary, they are the backbone that allows us to advance into learning, understanding, and writing code. As the paper and pencil bid their farewell, programming and the various technical languages make their debut. The future is written in code, not in ink.

To make sure that you do not get left behind, it might be wise to start learning these arts. Since you are proficient at reading and writing, it is time to progress further. Start slow, begin by learning the basics of hardware and how computers function, try making your own simple website, become familiar with HTML, use Excel a bit more extensively, but just start somewhere. Just surfing the web for information or shopping is no longer going to be enough. Eventually one of the implied requirements of literacy will be learning how to read and write code. Several decades from now, we will look back and wonder how it was ever possible to communicate with one another without this.


Learning to Program is just as important as reading and writing