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Is there an outline to the basic programming languages?

Which one do I need to know?!

Which programming language is the best to learn? They are all different! Here is a quick outline on what you could use each one for...

HTML - Create the basic structure and of a webpage and add content
CSS - Make things more appealing by modifying the layouts, colors, fonts
JavaScript - Bring some life into your web pages with interactivity and engagement
PHP - Manage dynamic content, work with databases, sessions and users, all on the backend
Java - Agile, can be used for small applet development or large application construction
Python - Back end and software development, also used extensively in data science
C# - Used to develop web services, desktop applications, and games
C++ - Also used to develop web services, desktop applications, and games
GO - Can be used for just about anything; Examples include network development, machine learning, and big data
Swift - A versatile language for app development, created by Apple to be used for all Apple products
Ruby - An all-purpose language for backend development that is really easy to read

This list is by no means exhaustive because there is just so much out there. The ones listed here are the most common and widely used by developers and programmers. There is a never a wrong answer, but sometimes there might be a better one. There are also many frameworks out there. All the hard work has been done for you, and there are many great options to choose from. They can help you by simplifying development and automating common web tasks. Here are some examples:

Ruby on Rails - Ruby
Express - JavaScript
Angular - JavaScript
Vue - JavaScript
React - JavaScript
Laravel - PHP
Spring - Java
Django - Python

The best way to learn a programming language is to use that language. Dive into a project, automate some mundane tasks, or create a small personal website. If you need help with programming, the internet is your best resource. Everything you will ever need to know is online. Start today!


Which one do I need to know?!