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New dynamic of owning digital real estate

We lived on farms, we live in cities, and we will live online

Look around, there is land all around you. Most of it is occupied or owned by someone or some entity. Because of major shifts in society, digital real estate is quickly becoming the next big thing. Just a few years ago, this was a foreign concept. Today, the popularity is increasing quickly. Owning some land in cyber space is the new digital pursuit of happiness. Humans like to own things, as it could potentially define them, or they can see a reflection of themselves in those items. Digital land is no different. In fact, it opens more possibilities due to almost limitless expansion, flexibility, and easy access.

You can literally go online, dive into a virtual city, and find some real estate, land, or properties to buy or invest some money in. Some are located on two dimensional maps. Some can be found in purely three dimensional environments. There are houses, commercial properties, or just plain land. There is a large selection of worlds, a massive bin of cities, and a never ending supply or purchasable items. So find yourself a digital world and explore some real estate. There is something for everyone in the virtual sphere and usually there are more options. Does not matter if you are a person, company, or an organization.

It is nice to be able to know your neighbors or live next to your friends. The world has become so dynamic, mobile, and technologically driven. Usually you will not even see your neighbors, and many of your friends will either be on the move, or you would have acquired them by socializing on the internet. Digital real estate allows you to defy those challenges and even go beyond. For instance, your friends can all live next to you virtually so that you can have your own digital community. Do not know your neighbors further away from you in a digital world? No problem, it is much easier to initiate a conversation without the need to meet face to face. Also, if you do see someone you want to become acquainted with or chat within a digital city or town, buy some property, and engage in conversation. It is the ultimate ice breaker, because now there is something you have in common.

Think of this as another new frontier. Space maybe the final one, but this is the first digital one. Who knows just how far this will go? So get online, search for virtual and digital world, or metaverse. Find yourself a spot you like and make it yours. Now is the perfect time, being at the forefront. Not too long from now many others will join you. As we slowly but surely migrate our whole lives online, this becomes the new normal.


We lived on farms, we live in cities, and we will live online


Humanity went from living on farms, to houses and neighborhoods, and now we are destined to live on the internet. Virtual cities already exist today, and people are readily and swiftly joining online communities and digital towns to live next to friends and people from all over the world.


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