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How a virtual farmhouse was built in the countryside

3D home design further away from the city

The virtual farmhouse was created as a nice getaway home from the interior of the city’s folds of streets and densely occupied areas. This particular home is located in the city of Oak Valley Farms, the furthest city East in the Woodlands region. It is situated on a fairly large farming plot and sits right on Charming Circle.

The house is constructed in two rectangular parts. The first rectangle is the living room. This large area leads towards the combined open kitchen and dining space. This dining space is also a rectangular shape, offset as a 90 degree rotation from the first section of the house. There is plenty of vertical room, as there is no second story. The ceiling opens up above the general cooking and dining areas. The roof inside the house is designed to look the same way it does as the exterior. A single bedroom is located at the corner. Vertical wooden columns and horizontal supports can be found supporting the interior look and even some structure of the home.

The interior is of a simple rustic look. Wooden floors line the entire span of the living quarters. Wooden furniture such as shelves, coffee table, and dining table are placed neatly in their respective areas. The kitchen counter is constructed out of red brick and finished with a granite countertop. The final piece is the wood burning stove with a vertical exhaust leading all the way up to the ceiling.

The farmhouse sits on a fairly large property, surrounded by a sturdy white wooden farm-style fence. Square and cylindrical bales of hay can be found scattered about the area. The lot includes a metal tool and equipment shed on the Northeast corner. There is even plenty of space for a small tractor. Solar panels line the main roof over the living room to add the final and necessary touch to the farm home.


3D home design further away from the city