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Why own Property in a Virtual World?

The physical world is accounted for, time to move forward

Take a look around our planet. There are vast open fields and endless lands. It might seem that humanity can infinitely expand unto those spaces and unoccupied properties. This is mostly likely not the case. Despite the fact that there is much physical land from a quantifiable perspective, there really isn’t all that much that can be easily purchased, developed, or simply kept. Most land has been accounted for. It may be owned by governing entities, corporations, or simply other people. In today’s world, these transactions for owning land are happening faster and faster. Sometimes it seems that a big portion of the population will have an extremely tough time acquiring real property and the time is running out.

On the contrary, virtual properties and real estate are ripe for picking. Ownership of digital land is on the uptick and in no way stopping or even slowing down. Real estate and lands are being purchased in virtual worlds all across metaverses. At this moment, scarcity is not an issue, and many people have calculated that value will increase over time, just like the real world. Consumers are turning away from the difficult and unpredictable market of physical real estate and shifting their eyes onto digital real estate and virtual properties. They are utilizing real currency and many times even the blockchain.

Large websites and online services have large evaluations and serve many people all around the globe. The websites are considered of a substance and are not just merely bits and bytes in cyber spaces. This is what gives it value. To add to this, countless data from consumers is maintained across many platforms and mediums. This is even more additional value. The same principal applies to virtual properties. The more details a three-dimensional environment has in a virtual world, the more value it has. The bigger the plot of land in a metaverse, is the more value it holds. The greater a potential a commercial lot has for visitation and customer conversion, the more value it keeps.

There are many reasons to own land in the metaverse and in virtual worlds. These can range from social status and earning potential to owning a three-dimensional cyber extension or even having neighbors from all over the world. The primary reason could be, that as physical land in the real world becomes harder to obtain, we must switch gears and start focusing and investing more time and acquiring virtual property and real estate.


The physical world is accounted for, time to move forward


Most physical land in our world is already accounted for. It is fairly difficult to find any cheap land to purchase and own. Virtual real estate, on the other hand, is quickly becoming the digital staple. Anyone can own digital land, as scarcity is not really an issue, and the land itself can be used for any application, even as a status symbol.


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