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First residential build in World Number 2

First virtual reality residential property

The first model home to make an appearance in World Number 2 is located in the Primisa, the main city. It is the basic residential lot, which is the most common building type that can be found on the maps. It is located at 13 Cryo Blvd. right next to the movie theatre, and down the street from the Red Meadows Park. As of today, this model home is up for sale.

Starting with the exterior, the house itself is made out of red brick. It sits on a shallow concrete foundation. The roofing consists of wooden shakes with a brownish tint. There are 5 windows total. Two can be found on the left and right sides of the house and one sits in the front, to the left of the front door. There is also a backyard that is surrounded by a wooden fence. A door leading outside to the back can be found on the furthest wall from the front.

Because this is the smallest house type that is available, the layout is open to maximize space. When you first enter, there is a small entryway hallway. It looks directly at the kitchen which take up most of the far half of the interior. There is also a center food storage and shelving unit which spans almost the entire kitchen length. To the left of the kitchen is the backyard door. Immediately on the left side of the divider wall is the living room. There is a small breakfast area right between the living room and backyard door. Because this house is very economically sized, the living room doubles as sleeping quarters.

The red brick is accented by white flat molding all around the interior. The kitchen is white with black granite countertops and a grey floor to balance both colors. 3 blue designer overhang lights finish off the kitchen. White brick-style tile is found all along the kitchen walls. Furniture, which includes coffee table, stools, breakfast table, and shelf, is made of black wood with infused glass. A red couch adds the final piece to the virtual house.


First virtual reality residential property


The first virtual reality model home was built in the city of Primisa in World Number 2. It features a custom kitchen, a small dining area, a furnished living room, as well as details such as baseboards and a fence.

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