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World Number 2 Guide - Arts

Arts and attractions in World Number 2

Arts are a big and important part of World Number 2

You will constantly encounter something artistic as you explore

First, look for the Spray paint icon on the map. It will have some form of graffiti or street art

These spray paint cans can be found in random locations, on bridges, on sides of buildings, or even special billboards

Check out various museums and photo galleries that are denoted by the MuseumPhoto Gallery icons

They will features all kinds of works and photos, and sometimes be accessible via Virtual Reality

There are even music studios from artists of different genres. Look for the Studio icon on the map

There will always be some kind of music samples to listen to

Movie theatres and concerts, look like this Movie TheatreConcert on the maps

Shows and performances can be featured for all to see

Art is a vital component of this digital world, and will always add a nice touch to the cities