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World Number 2 Guide - Land

Discover the natural environment in World Number 2

The landscape in World Number 2 is rich in nature, diversity, and geographical features

They are easy to find and add a nice environmental component to the digital world

The most common natural feature is a forest. Forest Will be scattered all over the maps

These forests will have unique names

Another semi-natural feature is a park. Parks are usually located within city limits

Look for the Park icon on the map

They are there to balance out residential and commercial buildings and other industrial zones

Usually found at the edges of cities or further away from urban areas are the mountains

Several icons will denote them. Be on the lookout for Mountain Mountain Mountain on the maps

You might even find a cabin or two near the top

What is a good forest without a calm and relaxing campfire. Be sure to look for the Camp in the countryside

As animals are important in World Number 2, you will also come across various sanctuaries and reserves

These icons Bird Sanctuary Duck Reserve Wolf Reserve will be designated spots for bird, duck, and wolf areas respectively

Do not forget the Farm farms!

Some urban areas include Dog Park dog parks and zoo zoos

As World Number 2 grows and expands, there will be many more land and geographical features that make an appearance