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World Number 2 Guide - Transportation

Discover various transportation methods and how they work

World Number 2 has several means of transportation

The most common one is the highway system. The other one is the road and street network

Each city is connected to at least one via road, but not all are connected via highway

Highways are colored red with a white stripe while roads are solid white

Highways usually flow through the busier cities, while roads connect any city

Navigation icons Left Right Top Bottom can be found at the edges of the towns

They will allow you to travel to the adjacent city, just as long as there is at least one highway or road connection

The second most widely available form of transport is the train system

Not all cities will have it

You can find the train system by looking for this icon Train

Hovering over the train icon will display all available destinations from a particular station to another

You can also come across the airport system

Cities with Airport icons will have a function airport

You will be able to travel to any other city that also has an airport. They will not have to be adjacent to the current one

Helipads work much the same way and can occasionally be found in the urban and suburban areas

Their destinations are other helipads. Look for the Helicoptericon

Out in the water look out for the Ferryicon. These will ferries take you to islands and across rivers

Over time, more transit systems will be added