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World Number 2 Guide - Commercial

Guide on commercial lots for businesses and comapnies

The other half, apart from the residential aspect, of World Number 2 is commerce

Companies will be found all over the maps, as well as commercial buildings that can be bought by businesses

The most common building type is the Commercial which is a small commercial lots

The greenish blue color indicates that it is owned by a company

Empty small commercial lots will look like this Commercial Empty and can be purchased

To buy a commercial lot, simply hover over the icon, click purchase, and complete the Square transaction

After, head to the USERS page on the navigation bar

There are several other commercial building lots that can be found all over some cities

These medium sized building Commercial Medium EmptyCommercial Medium will usually be found in clusters of other small and medium commercial lots

Look towards more densely populated business districts and you are bound to come across medium and large office buildings

On the maps, Commercial Offices Medium Empty Commercial Offices Medium Empty Commercial Large Commercial Large Empty they will be denoted by icons

Any company can buy any commercial building, but a good correlation to size of company vs. building type would be ideal

More urban areas along with business districts are constantly growing in World Number 2