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World Number 2 Guide - Residential

Information about houses, property, and ownership

Houses and residences are the most important part of the digital world

Owning a house gives you your own unique spot on the map

You will see the most common type Residential Lot all over the cities

Houses that are for sale will be white shown as Residential Lot Emptyicons

Red, of course, means they have been purchased and or are occupied. You can always check by hovering over one

World Number 2 has several house types to choose from

Look for the Full CondoEmpty Condo icons to find a condominium

Find a choice of Townhome FullTownhome Empty townhomes in some cities

If you find any place you like in particular, hover over the icon and click purchase

After completing the transaction, you can update the information at USERS page on the navigation bar

Aside from the most common types of residential lots, there are also more unique building types

Look for the Large Residential FullLarge Residential Empty icons for upscale residential lots

They will usually be located in the more suburban cities and areas

A good modern home is also a great option, although a bit more difficult to find. Look for the Futuristic FullFuturistic Empty icons

Farmhouses Farmhouse FullFarmhouse Empty are great if you enjoy the nature and the countryside

Just because a city doesn't have a residential lot in a certain place, does not mean one will not appear in the future

See if you come across the elusive CabinContainerMansion residential lots

There are two more rare type that you might encounter

The Gold Celebrity Housegold house will have a celebrity or person of some notoriety

TheWorld House blue house shows you where city info can be found or a guide/World Number 2 explorer lives

So find yourself a home that you like the most and see which ones you find along the way